Blue Lilly

Kratopia Blue Lilly 50 gram

Kratopia Blue Lilly / Blue Lotus

50 gram

Blue Lilly (or Blue Lotus) contains psychoactive alkaloids that provide some nice effects. Depending on the dose, you can count on a calming, euphoric or energetic feeling, among other things.

More information about Blue Lilly / Blue Lotus

Blue Lilly is an East African flower. The plant has a long history of use. The ancient Egyptians were already fond of this blue flower thousands of years ago, which is why it is also called Egyptian lotus.

Today the plant is mainly used because of the psychoactive alkaloids present. These provide a calming and euphoric effect, which is followed by an energy boost.

The effects are similar in many ways to the effects of kratom. These two herbs also go very well together. They enhance both the effects and the duration of action. Still, the Blue Lilly is definitely a great herb on its own too!